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During her final year of study, Katie sought to recognise those who have inspired and impacted her life throughout university and to highlight how crucial it is to be surrounded by those who spark motivation. Such individuals, with a relentless determination to face challenges and an optimistic attitude towards life, can be easily identified. By capturing the lives and stories of these impressive figures, Katie attempts to empower her audience.


This project aspires to illuminate the merits of having a constructive attitude and how important it is to have influential people as role models, with the aim of forming stronger and more connected communities.  

Lisa Jones -

Lisa, a courageous warrior, has been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer but it has not held her back. Instead, she has used her experience to become a voice for other patients. Uniting with 20 other female patients, Lisa formed the #fightingtobeheard campaign.

Lee Small

At the age of seventeen, Lee suffered a serious accident that resulted in the loss of his leg. To aid in his mental recovery, he turned to the gym to aid his recovery. Through sheer grit and determination, Lee was able to win the title of World's Strongest Disabled Man, Britain's Strongest Disabled Man twice, the European Championship and a multitude of British powerlifting competitions. 

Colin Jackson CBE -

His career has been distinguished by a great many gold medals and numerous world records in athletics. Serving as the Chancellor of our University, he stands as a figure of optimism and aspiration, bringing knowledge and cheerfulness to all its students.

Sam Rowlands -

As Shadow Minister for Local Government in the Welsh Parliament, he is a shining example for the people of North Wales. Committed to bringing about equality for all through his words and actions, showing true inspirational leadership.

Ruth Dive

dedicated to guiding individuals and inspiring generations on the necessity of comprehending our emotions to create desired changes. Last year, her work on the "Look At Me Now" initiative was a resounding success. Aiding 10 teenage girls by providing them with confidence and fortitude by educating them on the value of making positive decisions. As a result, the girls released their own book in an effort to promote the lessons that they acquired during the program.

Melanie Gizzi

Through life coaching, she has dedicated her life to wellness and self-care. With the publication of her book, ‘A Guide to Being OMG Fabulous: How to get started when you realise you want more from life’, she has been able to empower and uplift countless women, making them feel fantastic in both body and soul.

Macy Williams –

Driven by her diagnosis of autism and selective mutism, Macy founded a social page to empower those with unheard voices. To bring cheer to social media and her community, she began leaving heart-warming gifts to brighten people's days. As recognition of her noble efforts, Macy recently won 2nd place in the F Jones Initiative Awards, honouring the most selfless people of Wrexham, in March 2023.

Catherine Haf

After heart failure necessitated a transplant, Catherine embarked on a difficult recovery. But her resilience never wavered, and she now beams with a light of encouragement and kindness. Her powerful attitude brings comfort to others in the same predicament, radiating love, support, and wise counsel.

Stephen O’Brien

His inspiring commitment to helping those in need is shown through his support of SSAFA (Soldiers’ Sailors’ & Airmen’s Families Association). Despite facing an injury, he continues to actively fundraise for the charity, which provides assistance to serving personnel, veterans, and their families during hard times. He has demonstrated that nothing can hold him back and is determined to make a difference through his donations and fundraising.

Bethan Jones

Passionate about assisting, Bethan is an enthusiastic supporter of her community. A highly-trained first aider, she always looks for ways to learn and share her expertise with her schoolmates. Recently elevated to the rank of Corporal in the Deeside St. John Ambulance Cymru Cadets, she made extra efforts during lockdown to show compassion for others and even coordinated raffles for her local ambulance service.

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